Recursion (Again)

I find designing recursive algorithms to be a real challenge.

5 minute read

Scraping with Nokogiri

Web scraping is the practice of parsing a site’s HTML (or even DOM) and extracting meaningful data from it.

10 minute read


My first taste of recursion in the realm of computer science was when I learned that GNU stood for “GNU’s...

7 minute read

First FOSS Contribution Pt. I

Over the past weeks I’ve been on a mission to actively contribute to free and open source software (FOSS).

8 minute read

Rails Presenters

While working on a new issue this week I came upon and interesting concept: Rails presenters.

4 minute read

Serving Two Masters

Ex-Static, one of my personal projects, is in something of a tricky spot

5 minute read

Rails Helpers

This week I began work on my first substantial technical contribution to a Free and Open Source Software project.

4 minute read